Please Support us for Our Unremitting Efforts!

We pledge to give our utmost support for EOS community by pooling every resource we gained over the years. We believe that EOS will be one of the paramount evolutions of blockchain technology, so we will push forward the development of EOS by collaborating with EOS communities in Asia and other areas of the world.


Eos.cybex is an experienced team dedicated to EOS project incubation and community development, aiming at providing a myriad of one-stop services for all DAPP developers based on the EOS platform, including testchains readily accessible to developers, and sophisticated test tools and services.

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A Decentralized Exchange

We have been following keenly Grephene technology, and have developed and launched a decentralized exchange CYBEX on the strength of it. During the development, we gathered a large quantity of experts and gained abundant developing experience. Moreover, the whole industry is benefited by our open source community.

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World's First Hardware Cold Wallet

We will launch the world's first hardware cold wallet for EOS of operational convenience and bank-standard safety, to guarantee users' easy and worry-free management of their crypto-currency. The Wallet is developed on the basis of our long-term hardware development experience, thus easier accepted by traditional industries.

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Global Incubators and Development Zone

We have been establishing several blockchain incubators across the globe, providing all sorts of fundamental services for start-ups in blockchain industry, and helping them connect with local developing resource. At the same time, we have been building varied blockchain project zones accordingly, and maintaining friendly relations with other communities, enhancing exchanges among blockchain entities in the world.

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Affiliated Serious Media Focusing on Blockchain

Team members were engaged in the establishment of media focusing on Blockchain industry at the early stages, so we have been paying close attention to the sustainable development of our line of work. Meanwhile, we have been generalizing blockchain concepts inside and outside the circle thorough our affiliated media such as ChainB and Longhash, thus the industry's current situation and direction is exposed to more people.

Core Team

The First Hardware Cold Wallet for EOS

Nebula Wallet is the first hardware cold wallet backing EOS, CYB and BTS simultaneously, using the same signature algorithm and JSON transaction pattern as BTS. It is compressed and encoded into a binary stream through the LEB128 compression algorithm. The Nebula hardware wallet performs ECDSA signature algorithm with secp256k1 curve on the binary stream, while analyzing key data structure (receiver, amount, commission, etc.) and displaying it on hardware screens for users to confirm. Compared with traditional software signature method, Nebula dramatically increases the security, and ensures that private keys are completely generated by True Random Number Generator of the hardware and are permanently unreadable.

Compared with other BTC/ETH hardware wallets in the market, EOS hardware wallet prevents replay attack by validating the timestamp in transaction patterns, while BTC by UTXO and ETH the nonce. Moreover, transactions happening on EOS are rather big in data volume, which will translate into a problem in embedded devices like hardware wallet, for the length of signature accounts hugely for hardware storage capacity. While Nebula Wallet, taking advantages of the feature of Hash Function, optimizes the system by separating then inserting Hashes. Whereas in the world of BTC, this method is not applicable due to ScriptSig and the situation that flexible data structure is put in the input data (instead of output data).

VaaS, the First Formal Verification Platform for EOS in the World

With a string of safety incidents erupting in DAO system, Parity Wallet, Coincheck, etc., safety issue has become a new technical difficulty in the development of blockchain platform, particularly smart contract. In order to tackle this problem, scholars and researchers at home and abroad agree that formal verification is a rather effective method to enhance the safety of blockchain ecosystem and smart contract.

Formal Verification, simply put, is conducting specification, development and verification by mathematical tools in accordance with one or more formal specifications of properities, using mathematical methods to prove or falsify the correctness of a system. Formal verification can facilitate understand and analyze the system in full measure, and examine as much as possible the inconsistency, ambiguity, incompleteness, etc. in it.

Blockchain Security Co., Ltd. is established by a formal verification team led by Prof. Yang Xia from UESTC(University of Electronic Science and Technology), which is both shortlisted in “985 Project” and “Double First-rate universities”, has successfully developed Vaas through 2 years of assiduous research. Currently, Blockchain Security Co., Ltd. is serving for key safety software in fields including astronautics and national defense, etc.

As world's first formal verification platform backing EOS, VaaS utilizes a myriad of verifying methods, boasting several advantages like high effectiveness, high degree of automation, low artificial participation, the compatibility with fundamental high-capacity blockchain platform. Recently, VaaS's focus has shifted to the formal verification of EOS blockchain platform. It now can provide comprehensive formal verification services, including the verification of EOS smart contract, and the formal modeling and verification of EOS sandbox and consensus mechanism. It currently can conduct formal verification to the functional correctness and safety of mainstream blockchain platform, e.g. EOS, Ethereum.

The Most Sophisticated Technological Safety Protection Solution in the World

Chaitin is a top-echelon network information security company internationally which has obtained Qualification of Risk Evaluation Grade 1 and Qualification of Safety Engineering Grade 1, both are national information security service qualifications approved by CITSEC (China Information Technology Security Evaluation Center). Its cutting-edge WAF product, based on semantic analysis, has brought a new intelligent security solution for enterprise customers. Chaitin has formed a three-pronged enterprise safety protection solution featuring detection (penetrating testing service), protection (Next Generation Web Application Firewall) and sensing (Intranet threaten sensing system).

SafeLine is the pioneer in Web Application Firewall (WAF) product adopting semantic analysis algorithms and AI technology. SafeLine handles even gigantic traffic, and provide targeted and intelligent protection for customers. It has got the Web Application Firewall Certificate issued by OWASP and National Internet Safety Research Center. The performance of SafeLine Core Detection Engine stands out of its counterparts in WAF business.


At the stage of BTS, we have been holding the belief that EOS will be an inevitable evolution in blockchain technology
While we are gaining experience, resource and connections,
we have always been exploring all possibilities in blockchain jointly with the whole community

Industry Resource

We have gained considerable resource during deep engagement in the industry.

Development Experience

Researching experience of Graphene technology have cleared up all future obstacles adopting EOS technology.

Hardware Development

We have been researching a hardware cold wallet adopting different blockchain technologies, and will launch world's first hardware cold wallet for EOS.

Media Coverage

We have enormous influence in blockchain industry through affiliated media and external media resource

Golbal Community

We maintained friendly relationship with all other blockchain project communities, and will keep expanding through our incubators worldwide.


We have long boasting numerous good partners in the world, and jointly with them, promoting the rapid dvelopment of blockchain industry.


Incubators all over the world

Tokyo Office

1-4-5, Roppongi Minato-ku Tokyo
Tel:13 106-0032

Singapore Office

2 Science Park Drive,
Singapore 118222

Hongkong Office
Hong Kong

Unit 405-414, level 4,
Cyberport 3,100
Cyberport Rd

Switz Office

Lauching soon

Dubai Office

Launching soon

Silicon Villey Office
Silicon Villey

Launching soon

Lundon Office

Launching soon

NowYork Office

Launching soon

Empowering EOS Developers

As a keen observer in the blockchain industry, we are fully aware what a dynamic DAPP ecosystem means to the bottom public chain. Based on sharing spirit, we will empower all EOS community developers by sharing our technological fruits and operational experience.


Encouraging More Ideas

We will keep looking for every interesting innovations, and endeavor to incubate them into mature projects, helping build a more dynamic and vigorous EOS ecosystem.

Providing Test Services

We believe that sophsticated test equipments and environment will be the most effective catalyst to potential projects. Therefore, we will provide them for free to all EOS start-ups.

Incubating Outstanding Projects

Projects that stand out in the test phase will be preferably included into our incubators, and be given all necessary help, including token issuing and circulation in Cybex Exchange.

Estimated Technical Specifications as BlockProducers

  • Before 3rd.June
  • Para-Server
  • 1 x Cloud Node(Microsoft Azure D13 V2)
  • CPU: 8 vCPU Cores
  • RAM: 56GB
  • Network: 1000Mbps
  • Storage: Local SSD 400GB, Managed OS Disk 1TB
  • After 3rd.June
  • Back-up Server
  • 1 x Cloud Node (Microsoft Azure E64 V3)
  • CPU: 64 vCPU Cores
  • RAM: 432GB
  • Network - 30Gbps
  • Storage: Local SSD 1.6TB, Managed OS Disk 2TB

We have initiated EOS Global Community Publicity Program.

After careful consideration and thorough plan-making, we are determined to run for one of the EOS supernodes. We have been pioneering the industry and prommoting the development of the industry by our down-to-earth efforts. At this time, we hope to bring up EOS to an even higher level, thus we expect your support as always.

2013 › Nurturing BTS Community

Setting EOS.Cybex Foundation

After careful consideration and thorough plan-making, we decided to run for one of the EOS supernodes. We have long been a strong supporter of EOS and written the transferring of CYBEX to EOS into the White Paper back to 2017


During Chengdu Meetup

We officially annouced EOS supernode campaign and a string of running methods

Early April, 2018

Shanghai EOS Community Meetup

Middle April, 2018

Singapore EOS Community Meetup


Hosting world's highest standard Hackathon in Tokyo with EOS section, attracting EOS developers from everywhere

Middle May, 2018

Releasing EOS Developer Tutorial